Berry Hill (2016)

Recorded at County Q studios, Nashville, Tennessee, 28.09.2015 - 09.10.2015


come home (2006)

Recorded at county Q and Betaglia studios, Nashville, Tennessee, 30.09. - 05.10.2006

  1. old black train                                                 martin dietschi
  2. call me the breeze                                           j.j. cale
  3. hat and boots                                                   rené + nina grubenmann
  4. folsom prison blues                                        j. cash
  5. ride on                                                               vic stidwill
  6. a little drink a little dance                             r. morales
  7. cowboy song                                                    vic stidwill
  8. this could be the one                                      f. jimenez
  9. hi ho                                                                  vic stidwill
  10. a new life begins                                             martin dietschi
  11. I'm from the country                                     m. brown / s. webb / r. young
  12. don't tell me goodnight                                 martin dietschi
  13. walkin' on the moon                                       t. russel / k. moffat
  14. all my ex's live in texas                                   g. strait
  15. summertime blues                                          e. cochran / j. capehart
  16. margaritaville                                                   j. buffet
  17. I've got it made                                                m.d. barnes


  1. life's highway                                                    leigh / murrah
  2. sing me back home                                          m. haggard
  3. long haired country boy                                 ch. daniels
  4. seminole wind                                                  j. anderson
  5. goodbye maria                                                  martin dietschi
  6. southern streamline                                        j. fogerty
  7. it's all over now                                                womack / womack
  8. long black train                                                j. turner
  9. hey good lookin'                                              williams
  10. we all get lucky sometimes                            nicholson / scott
  11. silver wings                                                       m. haggard
  12. come home                                                       martin dietschi
  13. the ballad of john and yoko                           lennon / mc cartney
  14. cheating on the blues                                     brooks / cook / rains
  15. tonight the bottle let me down                     m. haggard
  16. livin' on love                                                     a. jackson
  17. I'm goin' on                                                      martin dietschi
  18. seven spanish angels                                      seals / setser